Online Places That Accept Cryptocurrencies

Today, cryptocurrencies are a fast-growing currency form, and an even faster growing accepted medium of exchange, especially in the online domain. More people are trading in cryptocurrency, and so they usually have some stock of the digital cash with them at a given point of time. When they want to exchange their cryptocurrencies for products or services online, they don’t have to convert their money to fiat. With more online stores accepting digital currency as payment, it saves time and money, and a lot of effort also.

You don’t have to carry hard cash with you, and you just need some virtual currency to get a physical service or product. Online retailers have started accepting cryptocurrency as a mechanism for payment. It’s a nice option and certainly one which leaves room for enjoyable. Why don’t you read on and find out about a few online retailers that accept cryptocurrencies, and how they operate.

Online Stores that Accept Cryptocurrencies

Online stores have started accepting cryptocurrencies, and there is no extra documentation or transaction fee for that. It just trades like regular fiat. Even though many of the stores that allow digital payment, they do accept fiat, but having that as an option makes them a more appealing retailer. There is more convenience for many customers, and that’s important to say the least.

  1. Gaming Websites: If you check out gaming websites, most of them accept cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Almost all online Casino and Poker sites allow you to buy their tokens for crypto’s. In fact, there are some Poker gaming websites that do not accept any other currency, except for Bitcoin.


  1. Amazon/Shopping Websites: While doesn’t directly take cryptocurrency as payment, it accepts Amazon gift cards which can be purchased via cryptocurrency. You can go to a third-party website and buy the gift cards with the digital currency, which can then be used on Amazon’s website. It boils down to the same idea, but you have to take an additional step to buy the gift cards. There are lots of websites like Amazon that indirectly accept cryptocurrency when buying vouchers or gift cards to use in the online stores.


  1. PayPal: PayPal is a name that has established itself as one of the best and most used platforms for international payments online. They too accept cryptocurrencies; and it’s done with a sole motive to facilitate its user base. Since more people use cryptocurrencies, PayPal has become more accommodating for its large user base.


  1. Microsoft: You can purchase your Xbox gaming applications, software, and applications from online Xbox stores, using cryptocurrency. Since Microsoft has shown faith in digital currencies, more companies are following suit.


  1. Subway/KFC: Many online Subways and KFCs started accepting Bitcoin a few years back. Although they stopped doing this after a few years, they once did, and the chances are more stores would start doing so in the near future.


Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment has penetrated almost every online marketplace. Companies like Expedia, Subway and KFC were also allowing for this at one point of time but because their system couldn’t be streamlined had to be halted. It seems plausible that cryptocurrencies are going to be the next big things after plastic money, when it comes to online shopping. You may need to prepare yourself for this in the near future.