Food Places That Accept Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have seen a rapid increase over the last few years. However, traditional trading and investing aren’t the only reasons why cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have become so popular. One of the most prominent sectors that have seen the popularity of Bitcoin grow is the food and eateries industry. Cryptocurrency has become a popular trend, and is a preferred mode of accepting payment at dozens of restaurants worldwide.

Not only online chains like Subway and KFC, but even retail giants who hold only physical stores have incorporated cryptocurrency into their finances. With every new emerging trend, the food sector is keeping up-to-speed so they don’t fall behind. As a result, many small eating establishments have also started to accept cryptocurrency.

Gastery and the Food Cryptocurrency

One establishment adopting cryptocurrency as payment is Gastery. Gastery emerged as a start-up in the food sector, with an application for the customers to download their menu. Customers could buy food and pay with Gastery crypto tokens, and cashback for customers could also be received from their tokens. Being able to use cryptocurrency for the restaurant really made it a stand out feature, and they offer fine, regular and fast food dining. There is something for everyone. Also, with the fever of cryptocurrencies increasing, and people trying to come up with new ways to use it, it made sense for the company to venture into the digital currency field.

Automation is enabled for restaurant owners in the way they interact with their customers and provide them the menu. The four main features of Gastery are geo-location, blockchain, smart contracts, and QR codes. The Gastery facility is important to customers for a convenient order, and for owners to develop great insight into buying behaviors of their customer base.

Pay for your Food with Cryptocurrency

Small vendors are following the idea of cryptocurrency payments, with payment being accepted at:

  1. Coffee Shops
  2. Bakeries
  3. Take Away’s
  4. Restaurants
  5. Fine Dining
  6. Food Kiosks
  7. Food Parlours
  8. Ice Cream Parlours
  9. Beer and Wine Shops
  10. Hotel Restaurants

3 Online Places to Order Food with Cryptocurrency

Many online places have started offering their menu items for cryptocurrency. These are also becoming more and more popular, and some customers like the idea of spending their cryptocurrency because they aren’t confident trading it. The concept of digital currency is very simple, and it’s a convenient option for thousands of customers as well. Let’s look into a few who accept this form of payment for the delivery of food items.

  • Pizzaforcoins: This is a delivery service that sells pizzas from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and a few more, in California. Orders are accepted via their delivery portal, and it accepts Bitcoin. You are also allowed to pick your own pizza from the nearest location, or they get you home delivered.


  • This is a German chain, with more than 11,000 restaurants, and operates via for delivering food items. They are expanding into more countries, and accept cryptocurrency as payment.


  • WhenHungry: This is the name for the Russian food delivery service, and they accept cryptocurrency like Ethereum. Recently they also launched their own token in the name of “WHY.” Most of Russia is covered with this brand, for ordering food for cryptocurrency.


The Coffee Giant: Starbucks

Coffee lovers who also are Bitcoin enthusiasts always look for ways to buy their morning coffee with Bitcoin. Although Starbucks doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies directly, it has a provision for a third-party intermediary, Bakkt, which can be used by buyers, to pay for their cryptocurrency. If brands like Starbucks start accepting cryptocurrency, even indirectly, it seems that this trend will grow as the time progresses. More companies, both large and small, would become less hesitant to dive into cryptocurrencies.

Why are so many Food Places accepting Cryptocurrencies

Would you not be tempted to try your local eatery if it started accepting cryptocurrencies? Would you not be tempted to immediately buy some crypto if you have never used it before? The food sector is augmenting the cryptocurrency world, and both complement each other. However, new traders are still hesitant about buying and trading with cryptocurrencies.

When newcomers use a platform where they can use their crypto, they get motivated to purchase. Of course, companies like are doing the best to assist new traders. The concept is spreading fast, and even and other such platforms cannot accommodate all users. Also it’s not everyone who feels comfortable with learning something online.

Is It Meant for You?

Statisticians and researchers say that although there is much saturation in the food industry globally with cryptocurrency integration, there are unknown factors still out there. The cryptocurrency wave is engulfing whatever comes along, dozens of industry sectors, and the food sector has already shown some promising results. Not far are the days when children start requesting Bitcoin from their parents for an evening burger or a slice of pizza!